Isla Aukate

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His parents are such a cute couple. Smile

Also, I'm reminded of the old rhyme "The Owl and the Pussycat", as it's fitting for the pair too!


Aww, cute parents and a reasonable upbringing, cool!


Given the choice between eating a fellow minion and starvation. I would choose....A nice chicken sandwich.


I wonder how that kind of crime would be considered under the law of the island. I mean, eating a fellow sentient, would that be considered like cannibalism IRL?
What kind of sentences would someone guilty of this incur?
And, perhaps more importantly, is the hate that some prey species seems to have towards pred ones born out of something that happened, ie a pred eating a prey, or just an expression of a more primal instinct, a remnant from before the species of the islands were given sentience?

Socks the Fox

I recall Fox saying that there was only one island where predation was "legal." The prey species are the ones to look out for there though from what I remember (though I don't recall exactly why). I'd imagine anywhere else it would be considered murder, though I don't know how they'd treat the actual eating part.
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